~ Artist's Statement ~

The world is changing and it only makes sense that the art world must evolve with it. Thought must be put into how our actions affect the world and all of its inhabitants. Society must learn to remove themselves from their own central focus and begin to see the importance of the individuals that they overlook everyday. My art is created with an attempt to limit my impact on the environment by re-purposing discarded material wherever possible. While this is not the main message of my works it is a message I wish to voice. The works themselves are intended to portray something more of a coming of age tale, one in which love, identity, loss, and days to come all play apart. We are told as children that our possibilities are endless and this is a lie but, it is looking like a possibility for future generations. Currently, social judgement limits this greatly by having predetermined ideas of of what it means to be of a specific sex, race, sexual orientation, and other variables as well. My work calls this into question in hopes that one day these ideas vanish allowing individuals to truly be free.